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    Thank you for supporting participating Ontario hospitals

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    Who You Help

    Alexandra Hospital Foundation

    The Alexandra Hospital Foundation is excited for the opportunity to participate in the Split the Pot Lottery alongside other healthcare partners. The power of working together to create a larger prize is very exciting as well as having multiple winners! The funds raised from this endeavour will help us to purchase a new ultrasound unit!

    Alexandra Marine and General Hospital Foundation

    The Alexandra Marine & General Hospital Foundation is thrilled to be a participant in the Split the Pot Lottery. We are pleased to join forces with our health community in this exciting endeavor, as the proceeds promise to be a transformative force for good. Your participation by purchasing a ticket directly contributes to the well-being of our community, empowering us to enhance healthcare initiatives, implement cutting-edge technologies, and fortify the foundation of health and wellness for all. Together, we are creating a ripple effect of positive change that will resonate throughout our community for years to come.

    Almonte General Hospital Fairview Manor Foundation

    Thank you to our Split the Pot players and partners for helping to invest in quality health care close to home.

    Arnprior Regional Health Foundation

    “The Arnprior Regional Health Foundation is so excited to partner as part of the Split the Pot Lottery. A portion of the proceeds of your ticket purchase will go towards life-saving equipment so that our local community can stay healthy and safe, right here at home. Thank you for playing safely with family and friends – and making a true impact for healthcare at the same time! There’s strength in Numbers and we are happy to have you along for the journey!” Ben Gardiner, Executive Director

    Atikokan General Hospital

    "Thank you for participating in the Split the Pot Lottery in support of Atikokan General Hospital Foundation. These funds enable AGH Foundation to meet its mandate of supplying medical equipment to our Hospital." — Kim Cross, Board Chair

    Blanche River Health Foundation

    "Heart disease is the second leading cause of death in Canada after cancer, and a leading cause of hospitalization, so we have a lot of people in our community at risk of having a heart issue that requires immediate attention. Proceeds from Split the Pot will be used to purchase the modern cardiac equipment that is crucial to saving lives, whether patients remain at Blanche River Health, or are transferred to a cardiology centre out of town." — John Sullivan, President

    Bluewater Health Foundation

    We are fundraising for the redevelopment of Bluewater Health’s Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Treatment Centre – a vital resource that provides a safe space for survivors of sexual assault, domestic violence and human trafficking.

    Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation

    By supporting the Brant Community Healthcare System Foundation, you are helping to purchase much needed medical equipment that is not paid for by the Ministry of Health, provide essential resources to maintain an exceptional level of compassionate patient care, and invest in new and innovative technology. Investing together to reimagine healthcare in our community.

    Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation

    "We are so pleased to join our colleagues across the province to raise funds for our community hospitals. Funds will directly support priority needs for the Cambridge Memorial Hospital Foundation." — Lisa Short, Executive Director

    Carleton Place & District Memorial Hospital Foundation

    Together, WE have the power to heal

    Chapleau General Hospital Foundation

    Collaboration is the way of healthcare in the north--without our partners we couldn't deliver the comprehensive care that we do. Split the Pot Lottery allows us to share, while also supporting Chapleau Health in purchasing much needed medical equipment, facilitating education and recruitment of Chapleau Health staff.

    Chatham Kent Health Alliance Foundation

    "The funds raised through the Split the Pot lottery will allow our Foundation to continue to make crucial investments in life-changing equipment and facility upgrades in our local hospital sites. This will allow us to remain responsive and adaptable in our commitment to delivering the highest possible level of care to patients from across our community." — Christine Mitchell, CKHAF CEO

    Deep River and District Health Foundation

    "Help Deep River & District Health provide more long-term care beds to our community. Proceeds from Split The Pot will be used for the Closer To Home campaign to build a 96-bed Long-Term Care Home in Deep River. Let's improve access to healthcare together!" — James Thompson, Community Engagement & Fundraising Coordinator

    Espanola Regional Hospital Foundation

    The 'We're Close to Home' campaign is in support of enhancements needed for our Nursing Home, which is part of our Health Hub. We need you to help us, help our residents.

    Four Counties Health Services Foundation

    Four Counties Health Services Foundation is excited to partner with other dedicated fundraising organizations in order to benefit health care here and across the province! When you purchase a ticket, everybody wins, as you are contributing to state-of-the-art medical equipment for our hospitals. With your help, FCHS Hospital can continue to deliver quality care close to home for the counties of Elgin, Lambton, Middlesex, and Chatham-Kent.

    Georgetown Hospital Foundation

    "By purchasing Split the Pot Lottery tickets, you will have a chance to win one of the fantastic jackpot prizes while enhancing local healthcare at Georgetown Hospital! Your purchase will help fund critical equipment and technology upgrades, ensuring exemplary care close to home when you, your family and neighbours need it most. My heartfelt thanks for your support!" — Sandra Taylor, Executive Director

    Georgian Bay General Hospital Foundation

    "We are thrilled to join forces with other Hospital Foundations in Ontario for the Split the Pot Lottery. In our North Simcoe community, proceeds will be invested in vital equipment, technology and expanding our services to ensure our caring and compassionate teams can provide excellent health care every day." — Nicole Kraftscik, CEO, GBGH Foundation

    Grand River Hospital Foundation

    As lead sponsor of the Split the Pot lottery initiative, we're very excited to see so many hospital foundations come together. The initial lottery exceeded expectations, and we can't wait to see the impacts of Split the Pot on our local health care. Our portion of the proceeds will support critical projects and infrastructure that improve patient experience across Grand River Hospital. By participating in Split the Pot, you help to ensure Care Never Stops in our communities and that patients receive access to the technology and services they need to have the best possible outcomes. Thank you for your rallying support and showing our patients that you care!

    Groves Memorial Community Hospital Foundation

    Groves Hospital Foundation is excited to join the Split the Pot Lottery, amongst such a wonderful group of hospital foundations. It is fantastic to be a part of this initiative, raising provincial awareness of the need for donor-funding to keep Ontario's hospitals up to date with medical equipment & technological tools. Without support from Split the Pot and our donors, we would be unable to equip our staff & physicians to continue to care for our patients. Your ticket proceeds will help us provide excellent health care for our rural community and fund items like new Cardiac Monitors and Infant Warmers.

    The Foundation of Guelph General Hospital

    Donors are an essential part of a Hospital’s healthcare team. They give caregivers the tools they need to diagnose and treat injury and illness. That’s because patient care equipment is not covered by government funding. Donors fund all equipment used in the direct care of patients at Guelph General Hospital. They ensure our Hospital can keep pace with every on-going patient care equipment need throughout the hospital – from patient beds and IV pumps to the CT scanner and everything in between. Donors also enable the hospital to invest in the new patient care equipment and technology to continuously improve the quality and safety of care for everyone in our community.

    Hanover & District Hospital Foundation

    The Hanover & District Hospital Foundation is excited to be joining Split the Pot Lottery. What a great way to work together for the health of our communities.

    Headwaters Health Care Foundation

    "We look forward to showcasing a new way to support our hospital through this innovative and exciting way to win! We hope the community will come together to help Headwaters Health Care Foundation raise vital medical equipment needs here at Headwaters Health Care Centre." — K.C. Carruthers, CEO

    Health Sciences North Foundation

    "We're thrilled to join forces with dozens of other healthcare leaders in our province with Split the Pot. Your ticket purchases will support quality patient care, leading-edge research, and future healthcare needs of people living in Northeastern Ontario." — Anthony Keating, President and Chief Development Officer, Foundations and Volunteer Groups at HSN

    Humber River Health Foundation

    "Humber River Health is working every day to light new ways in healthcare, and without the generous support of programs like Split the Pot, this work would not be possible. With a history of pioneering new approaches to healthcare, we integrate innovation, compassion, clinical expertise and technology to transform patient care that enables us to treat more patients in less time and with better outcomes." — Sandra Sualim, President & CEO

    Joseph Brant Hospital Foundation

    Joseph Brant Hospital is a full-service community teaching hospital that serves Burlington and the surrounding areas. It looks after the members of our community during all stages of life from infancy through to senior adulthood.

    By participating in the Split the Pot lottery, you will help provide Joseph Brant Hospital’s healthcare teams with cutting-edge equipment and technology that is used every day throughout the hospital to deliver exceptional care and save lives.

    Kemptville District Hospital Foundation

    Thank you to our generous community for supporting healthcare across the region.

    Lady Dunn Health Centre Foundation

    "Split the Pot has given NEW opportunities for smaller hospitals, to team up with multiple other hospitals, to give everyone a fair chance at raising funds for their hospitals, that may not necessarily have been a viable option before. We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to partner up with Split the Pot. We are always fundraising for our never ending needs, for our capital equipment list. Proceeds from this lottery will help support the purchase of 2 industrial washing machines, bladder scanner, ice machine, cooler and walk-in freezer. Our donors are an essential part to our hospitals Foundation." — Alisha Allin, Foundation Coordinator

    Lakeridge Health Foundation

    "Lakeridge Health Foundation is excited to be part of the Split the Pot Lottery along with other participating Hospitals in Ontario. Your support of this lottery will help ensure the Oshawa and Whitby Hospitals of Lakeridge Health can continue to provide exceptional health care, close to home.

    Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals serving Durham Region and beyond. Your participation in this lottery will help fund state-of-the-art equipment, improve hospital spaces, provide enriching educational opportunities and propel research. On behalf of the thousands of patients and families that rely on our Hospital each day – thank you!” — Yves Gadler, Chief Executive Officer

    Milton District Hospital Foundation

    "Milton District Hospital Foundation is excited to be part of the Split the Pot Lottery. The proceeds from this program will support the purchase of essential medical equipment and technology at Milton District Hospital, ensuring our fast growing community continues to receive quality healthcare close to home. This is your home, your hospital, your Milton." — Katie McMillan, Executive Director

    Niagara Health Foundation

    The Niagara Health Foundation is very thankful to be working with a dedicated group of healthcare fundraising organizations in the Ontario-wide hospital lottery. The proceeds from this draw will touch the lives of every resident of the Niagara Region through improved access to the most up-to-date patient-care equipment and will once again show that when incredible organizations come together, we can truly build a brighter future for local healthcare.

    North Bay Regional Health Centre Foundation

    SPECT/CT is a powerful tool in early diagnosis of cardiac conditions, infection, and diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Combining nuclear medicine and Computed Tomography technology, this important diagnostic tool is essential to serve our community. Our current unit was purchased more than 11 years ago through community generosity and is now in need of replacement.

    North of Superior Healthcare Group

    Every lottery ticket purchased is a step towards creating healthy communities and will support the building of our new long-term care home in Marathon, ON. With every ticket sold, we build a brighter tomorrow for those in need.

    North Shore Health Network Foundation

    Keeping Healthcare Within Reach

    Owen Sound Hospital Foundation

    The future of healthcare in Grey-Bruce is bright with you by our side. Thank you for having a big impact on local healthcare. We will be able to offer leading-edge treatments, innovative technologies, and a broader spectrum of services because of you.

    Pembroke Regional Hospital Foundation

    Help to raise funds for a new CT Scanner at your Pembroke Regional Hospital and continue to keep Healthcare Close to Home.

    Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital Foundation

    The PSFDH Foundation is excited to once again be a partner of the Split the Pot Lottery. By purchasing tickets, you will help magnify care close to home, with all proceeds going towards our MRI Campaign. Our new MRI will help enhance diagnosis and will allow treating physicians to provide faster and better care.

    Port Perry Hospital Foundation

    "Port Perry Hospital Foundation is thrilled to participate in the Split the Pot Lottery. Your participation will help us fund advanced medical equipment and other patient supports to ensure great care is available close to home. Your contribution enables our medical teams to have the advanced tools necessary for providing top-notch patient care, and we extend our sincere gratitude." — Rachel Agnoluzzi, CEO

    Red Lake Margaret Cochenour Hospital Foundation

    "Split-the-Pot funds will be used to purchase a new chemistry analyzer for the laboratory. This important automated instrument performs 80% of testing in the clinical laboratory, including tests to diagnose heart attacks, diabetes, liver disorders, kidney disorders, pancreatitis, electrolyte balance, muscle and bone disorders, drug toxicity and so much more.

    The new analyzer will bring increased test sensitivity and allow us to add new tests to assist doctors in diagnosing serious conditions and improve patient outcomes." —Angela Bishop, Board Chair

    Riverside Foundation for Health Care

    "Riverside Foundation is excited to extend it's partnership in the Split the Pot Lottery. Funds raised through the Split the Pot will go towards supporting the purchase of capital equipment that keeps our Facilities running and able to provide high quality health care close to home." — Allison Cox, Executive Director

    Ross Memorial Hospital Foundation

    Patients throughout Kawartha Lakes count on Ross Memorial Hospital. Your donations, and your participation in the Split the Pot Lottery, help ensure excellent healthcare for everyone in our growing community, today and for years to come. Donors make the difference!

    Santé Manitouwadge Health

    Our Vision: Working together, keeping you healthy.

    Our Mission: Your total healthcare experience, compassionate, exceptional and innovative.

    Sault Area Hospital Foundation

    Your support of Sault Area Hospital Foundation helps provide the best possible healthcare for every person in Algoma.

    South Huron Hospital Foundation

    "Through this lottery campaign, we're harnessing the power of community support to drive significant positive change for the South Huron Hospital. With each ticket purchased, we are not just funding medical resources; we're providing a lifeline for local healthcare services, ensuring the well-being of our community and the vitality of the South Huron Hospital." —Krista McCann, Executive Director

    Southlake Foundation

    Your support of Southlake Regional Health Centre, through the Split-The-Pot Lottery, will help to fund critical needs across our hospital, ensuring every patient who depends on us, across York Region, receives the leading edge care they deserve, close to home.

    St. Joseph's Foundation of Elliot Lake

    TOGETHER - We can make a difference

    St. Joseph's Foundation of Sudbury

    St. Joseph’s Foundation of Sudbury is the charitable foundation supporting St. Joseph’s Health Centre of Sudbury and its healthcare facilities, including St. Joseph’s Continuing Care Centre, St. Joseph's Villa, and Villa St. Gabriel Villa. Funds raised from Split the Pot will support essential projects and programs, ensuring our patients and residents receive the care they deserve.

    St. Joseph's Health Care Foundation Guelph

    "At St. Joe's Guelph, every piece of medical equipment used in the direct care of our patients and residents is made possible through generous donations. Purchasing a ticket for the Split the Pot 50/50 lottery is both a meaningful and exciting way to enhance care within the community, ensuring improved access to the life-saving tools and technologies that empower our care teams daily." — Sera Filice, President & CEO

    St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton Foundation

    "Every lottery ticket purchased will fund the renewal of the Emergency Department at St. Joe’s. As the busiest ED in the city, our care teams treat more than 60,000 patients each year. These renovations are needed to better serve the growing demand for emergency care in our region and initiatives like Split the Pot is essential to ensuring our patients continue to receive the care they deserve." — Sera Filice, President & CEO

    St. Mary's General Hospital Foundation

    "St. Mary’s General Hospital Foundation in the Kitchener-Waterloo Region is thrilled to partner with Split the Pot Lottery. Funds raised through Split the Pot will help patients throughout our community by supporting the purchase of state-of-the-art, life-saving equipment. St. Mary’s staff strive to offer innovative, compassionate care to every patient, and they couldn’t do that without generous donor support." — Susan Dusick, President & CEO

    St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital Foundation

    The St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital (STEGH) Foundation is delighted to work collaboratively with our Ontario hospital Foundation partners. This exciting opportunity is a way to help hospitals across Ontario as we all work to achieve the same goals, excellence in healthcare. At STEGH Foundation our mission is to partner with the community to support St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital in the delivery of an excellent patient care experience.

    Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital Foundation

    "Strathroy Middlesex General Hospital Foundation is pleased to be a partner in the Split the Pot Lottery. A portion of your ticket purchase will go to help us fund an MRI to be located at Strathroy Hospital. Thank you for your support!" — Susan McLean, CFRE CEO

    Temiskaming Hospital Foundation

    "The Temiskaming Hospital Foundation is excited to be part of the Split the Pot Lottery. Your ticket purchase will directly contribute to the purchase of much-needed life-saving medical equipment, allowing our community to receive quality treatment at home. Your Health is Our Mission." — Mike Baker, CEO

    Timmins and District Hospital Foundation

    Thank you for helping the Timmins and District Hospital continue providing exemplary care to Northerners.

    Trillium Health Partners Foundation

    Trillium Health Partners Foundation is thrilled to be joining the Split the Pot Lottery to help raise crucial funds for Trillium Health Partners, comprised of Mississauga Hospital, Credit Valley Hospital and Queensway Health Centre. Your support helps fund our hospital’s urgent needs, including the purchase of new life-saving equipment, upgrades to patient spaces and emergency response efforts. It’s a win-win for our west GTA community and for you!

    West Nipissing General Hospital Foundation

    Thank you for empowering our West Nipissing General Hospital to provide the care you need, through your generosity.

    West Parry Sound Health Centre Foundation

    When it comes to health care every minute counts, your support will save time getting patients to the right solution faster. Every dollar raised will be used to purchase/update the priority emergency equipment to make this happen! THANK YOU!

    Windsor Regional Hospital Foundation

    "Windsor-Essex is embarking on a once-in-a-generation infrastructure project in the building of the New Windsor-Essex Acute Care Hospital. Funds from the Split the Pot Lottery will support our Equipment Fund to ensure our new hospital is equipped with the best and latest state-of-the-art technologies for our region." — Cristina Naccarato, Executive Director

    Our Hospital Partners

    Elevate your charitable impact with Split the Pot Lottery. A partnership of 58 Ontario hospitals across the province have come together to bring you a groundbreaking way to win and support! Anticipate an amplified jackpot, more lucky winners, and a simpler way to make a positive impact. Join us in supporting healthcare excellence!

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